Hey, we've got some talents of our own

Whether you're a casting director, producer, ad agency, actor, presenter or voice over artist, there are a few in-house services we offer. While matchmaking is the obvious one, we also have some other helpful skills.

Finding the right talent

That's possibly why you're here - to find the right person for your project. Now, you could search through our people on this site if you've got time, we've made it straightforward. Or you could get in touch and we'll put together a shortlist based on your requirements (pretty handy).

AMA Representation

Let's be honest, this a very competitive industry. We limit the number of people we represent so that we can focus our energies on helping them succeed. That being said, people join and leave this industry all the time, so if you want to be considered for representation, please email us your head shot, current CV and link to show reel (if available).

Talent Shortlist

We know how rushed some projects can be. So if you don't have time to search our talent database, just send us a brief and we'll find the right people. After all, we know them well.

Screen Tests

We screen test our clients in house for interstate and international castings for film and television, free of charge.

Head Shots

Having professional quality photographs is a must in this industry. While you might look great in your selfie, they just won't cut it. Contact us for our competitive pricing.

Acting Workshops

If you're keen to perfect your acting skills, then join one of our acting workshops. They are run by experienced and respected professionals in the industry. And we've got classes for all ages.