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I’m shining like a candle in the dark, everytime you tell me that you love me…

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50 Responses

  1. Muhammad Imran

    I am still single
    Looking seriousely girl friend forever true Love real relationship i sm proud open miend ❤❤

  2. Aurora.A

    What a womderful VOICE!!! SOOOOOO SWEET, soft, lovely, enchanting!!! I like very much Diana Ross, so talented singer and gorgeous!!! Thanks Diana for your gift to all of us!!!!

  3. doan nguyen

    Can you love someone when you don't even know anything about that person …? But i have love for my friend… my special friend.

  4. Richmond Gonzales

    Everytime i sung this song i always love what my past defines me…I always the product of pieces of broken person behind…

  5. Najwa Kartini

    These don't make my calmness.My sweet heart i love you the way you are.My love for you will never change till my last breath.Listen to your heart beat I be there in your heart.Listen to the ocean waze am here standby you.

  6. Noorjan Hashim

    But I got a text message from him that he was able to accept me back because he misses me so much. I'm sorry I made you miserable. I want the best for both of us.

  7. Noorjan Hashim

    But if he remembers what I have done to him, he may accept me. If he does not want me to be willing to go to him. I want to hear from his mouth that he is still in love with me, in fact I am the only person in this world who is not a man like him. can live without you I hope you understand

  8. Noorjan Hashim

    But until the night my memory was only on him. As for the tone of his poem I was really sorry that I left him I could not live without him. I did. He didn't want me to stay, but for one day he was hurt. How we want to be together again. I'm waiting for a decision, I'll wait until he tells me.

  9. Noorjan Hashim

    This is my story with my boyfriend, I used to be very happy with him.Sejsk for a few months we were always arguing because he was jealous and his words hurt my heart. makes me very sad. I think I can stay with us and not be together, but I do. Let me spend the day with her face as much as I can imagine I still miss her and love her beauty. I don't forget how much she made me think I was a very affectionate man to myself why I lived.


    I want to chat live with you. Every day and night. I love you my husband if you get a chance to read this☝️♥️🌹💍

  11. SyraVL

    What a beautiful love song. My heart sings along too. Check out my humble version https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7Grix0c3pbY

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