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The Ultimate League of Legends / LoL 2017 URF Montage! Best Outplays, Greatest Funny Fails, and other Pro Moments during URF 2017!

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▼Video Sources for this League of Legends 2017 URF Montage (not in order):

1) gyroidal94 on Garen (
2) LoLProPL on Shaco (
3) freakmedp on Heimerdinger
4) LFG on Garen (Mashed 38)
5) orkkipahis on Jhin
6) CTC Buszu on Syndra
7) Bubba Kush on Lee Sin (
8) Allen Chung on Dr. Mundo (Mashed 39)
9) StreetWalker on Blitzcrank (
10) Shakunetsu on Thresh (
11) Van Christian on Thresh (Mashed 38)
12) iW Lost on Jarvan (
13) HB Desteey on Jax (
14) Kossamall on Rengar (
15) Arlay on Katarina
16) Tepid Breeze on Teemo
17) Imaqtpie on Fizz (
18) Yum Cha La on Warwick (
19) Red Team (
20) ExTIRIA on Graves (
21) Nero 1vs9 on Riven (
22) hide on tinder (
23) iiM3k on Xayah (
24) Haxxeren on Gragas (
25) ELITEGundam on Maokai (
26) Babybattler on Shaco
27) Booopscurio on Jhin (
28) Matteo on Kog’Maw (
29) Loopy Danel on Blitzcrank (

Music in this 2017 URF Montage Supplied by Monstercat:

1) Title: Heaven Let Us Down (feat. Koda) by Pegboard Nerds from Monstercat Best of 2017
2) Title: Until The End (feat. Q’AILA) by Aero Chord x Fractal from Love & Hate EP
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50 Responses

  1. Robert Daniel

    watching scripters in URF is the most entertaining thing I'v ever watched. 1 players dodging 9 skills shots at the same time hahaha

  2. Nick McLean

    Majority of these games were not in 2017? only 63 champions out of 134 were played… Source: https://lolalytics.com/urf/worldwide/platinum/plus/grid/

  3. Jay Johnson

    An advertisement that promotes Trump and paid by his own committee. How fucking sad is this that he needs to praise himself. Fuck. Shitty way to start new year.

  4. Robert Fancyman

    Hopefully for the next URF they make it picked again but do 20 bans or something. That way you can actually try to do your freaky AD Zilean build without having to worry about an enemy team of Fizz, Zed, Mao, Shaco, and Jax.

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