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RESET Windows 10 password, No software used. Do it like a pro!

Link: You can try PassFab 4WinKey (  to remove and reset Windows user/admin password easily, no need reinstall system

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Let’s Reset any windows 10 forgotten password, without using any software, pure skill only. Have fun and enjoy!!!
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46 Responses

  1. kav Parm

    oh found it but it does nt open : says
    "the specific location doesnt contain information about your hardware"

    please i am desperate urgently

  2. fairytaleprinc3

    Ok after i did everything to get to cmd….my name account is there by the administrator…when i type net user (my name) it shows full info …

    Full name
    Account: active
    Password expires: never
    Password required: yes
    User may change password: yes
    last logon: never

    But when i type net user "name"* i get

    [Username [password *][options]] [domain]
    Username [password *]/ADD [options][domain]
    Username [Delete][/Domain]
    Username [times:(times All)]
    Username [Active: (yes no)]

  3. David Veselinov

    wtf! why you are turning off the computer while its loading the system files? just hold shift while restarting the computer from the power icon which is on left bottom this will boot the computer in troubleshoot mode.

  4. fairytaleprinc3

    My computer keep asking for my password even in shift restart before i can do anything…but it keep saying password incorrect….idk what else to do…

  5. Besufikad Wondu

    i can't rename utilman because it says "the exception unknown software exception occurred …….. , what u supposed to do

  6. vaibhav sharma

    Great video. Password reset done successfully. But not able to rename utilmana and utilman back to their original names. It says you require permission from Trustedinstaller to make changes

  7. Viermele Fantomatic

    HI, for thos who had the problem like me( asking for the password no matter what we do) just put in your email yahoo password, it will go in safe mode , after set up from msconfig to normal mode,restart ,and it will be working as before with your normal password you had(not yahoo email password), is a windows glitch

  8. Fuku Wa Vulavula

    I've done everything right up to ease access. I was able to view the users, administrator and Guest. I also followed the steps up to creating a new password. But still, the PC still says "password incorrect". I've also watched your update but the computer now requires a password every.

  9. Javed Khan

    I have selected the option – forgot password or don't see your account

    This list only shows administrator accounts that have previously signed in to this PC, and does not include standard user or domain accounts. You need to be signed in as an administrator to use some repair and restore tools. If you don't have a password for any of these accounts, you can restart to try signing in to windows to manage your user accounts.

  10. Javed Khan

    When I select System Image Recovery, the new page shows choose an account to continue, after selecting the account – password required…

  11. Urbano Gonzalez

    i got to the end , hitting enter three times to bypass password and i got a system error message (error 8646) can u tell me what that is ?

  12. Michelle Hewitt

    Ok. So I located the utilman file and when I changed the name to utlmana it immediately told me that it wasn't located on this drive and now I can't find the original utlman file. Where did it go??

  13. Debraj Banerjee

    Wooow! This one actually works. You just fooled windows to self destruct by changing utility manager to command prompt. Now that is what I call creative!! 😃

  14. b3lg4r4th

    It didn't work for me. I have 4 accounts on my machine. I can change 3 of the passwords, but the one that I need to change say a System error 8646 has occurred.

  15. Richard Gaviria

    I like your style Brother.
    With no password..I'm good through " net user"- enter
    The log in window screen shows "richard"
    The accounts that show up after – enter are:
    I reset Guest, but the log in window screen still under " Richard"….

    Pls advice

  16. Tim Roberts

    Worked awesome on three laptops I got at a yard sale… 30 bucks just turned into 350 after quick reset and sale.. thanks so much!!

  17. data computer

    from the same computer did not open the auto recovery because he need the password of user and i do not know and i insert the disk in other computer there rename the files windows system 32 utilman and cmd but did not have rights and rename the files with programs unlocker and then it work, the problem starts after scan with malwarebytes and change the password user

  18. Mountaintop Entertainment

    I call bull on this. Every time I click on System Image Recovery it still asked me for a password

  19. Stephan Reisig

    If you say at the end of your video that if anyone has questions to leave them in the comments below and someone actually dòes leave a message – like I did – and you don't react it makes no sense . Why post a help video if you don't read them and react . . . and help the people with computer problems. I HOPE you may find the time to help me. Sincerely,

  20. Singh Amaninder

    It worked for me, but when I tried the same thing on my friend's laptop, it shows user and system image recovery asks for Password… (actually I watched this video for him, tried on my pc, it worked)

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