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PlayStation's 30 Most Popular PS4 Platinum Trophies

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. The top 30 most popular platinum trophies earned on the PlayStation PS4. These are the most common platinums, the ones earned the most. Remember, 1% of 8 million (80k) is higher than 10% of half a million (50k). The list is ordered by number of total platinums earned, not by difficulty.

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25 Responses

  1. lewis haddow

    the amount of blood borne comments really brings a smile to my face! was the most fun I've had getting a platinum EVER and is my favourite game of all time.. I NEED a bloodborne 2 <3

  2. Ciro Mira

    Can you believe I was only 1 trophy left for Horizon Zero Dawn when I stopped playing it? The last trophy was that one about the rare armor that "heals you" automatically.
    You know that every time you get a reward, the game autosaves. Well, what happened? After a long time, I got the power cells that I needed for the armor. So that was all. I only had to go and grab it.
    When I arrived the place and took the armor, the game started autosaving, and then my electricity got cut because an asshole had touched a wire next to my house.
    For some reason, if you turn off the electricity or unplug the console while it's saving game, it causes a serious problem for the internal memory card. That's why each time you select "save game" the game itself tells you "don't the off the console until the save is complete" or that kind of stuff.
    Well, that happened to me. After I got the armor, the game started autosaving, and my electricity got cut.
    Some hours later, the electricity came back, and I tried to turn on the PS4, hoping that the game had saved the progress and that I had my armor and the platinum trophy.
    Well, what a surprise… The console didn't turn on: it's memory card was burnt.
    I lost my console, and all my progress in EVERY FRICKING VIDEOGAME. Thanks, dear neighbor. If you're not an electrician, then don't play with it.

  3. Aze Tenth

    I am really annoyed at some Uncharted 4 trophies and knowing that the platinum is so common turns me off when it comes to actually getting it. I've been working hard and I will eventually get it, but I wanted to feel real proud of it and I don't think I can do that anymore…

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