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Papa's Hot Doggeria – Reaching Rank 100

Gold customers order really fast.
If they collect 5 stars again, they give ~300 pts instead of ~200 pts.
Then, the number of stars returns to 0.

If there are only 6 or fewer customers with stars under silver left, then gold customers randomly return to Hot Doggeria.

Nguồn: https://artistmanagementaustralia.com/

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50 Responses

  1. xlcraft

    Has anybody a High ranked Backup for me cause i would like to have all Toppings and so on without playing so much

  2. Tori Walker-Gulley

    My order :

    Regular hot dog
    Regular hot dog bun

    Large Root beer
    Medium hot popcorn

  3. shantabarnes08

    i'm only level 87 i'm devastated. you are so high! lol {sorry if I don't spell right, I have a new computef

  4. Bethany Devine

    Good job on recognizing everybody’s order
    Edit: it’s so weird seeing all the customers happy and dancing Exspecislly the closers

  5. Jackie

    My order:

    Hoagie bun








    Large Dr cherry

    Large cheddar Popcorn

  6. Nezuko Kamado

    Hello, I recently found your channel and I like your style of playing! Unfortunately I am playing on Android, so it's a little bit harder for me.
    Finally, I am rank 15 and in the Summer Luau festival!
    Also, here's my order owo

    Regular bun
    Regular hot dog
    Sakura Flurry L (idk if that's correct)
    Regular popcorn M

    P.S I already subscribed to your channel! <3

  7. OneSneakyBoi Gaming

    Okay so why do i get 74% build station when i put all toppings! this makes me get under 90 points

    EDIT: nvm i got it, you have to make sure that toppings cover the entire hotdog :v

  8. Luxks zoes

    how i make people hot dog fizzo is coke tomato is keitchup the lemon list is sprite the diet fizzo is coke with water


    My order
    Regular bun
    Italian dog
    French Fries
    French fries
    ( L lemon Mist) chocolate Popcorn M

  10. Шустрик игруля

    Эх былебы у нас такие повара не ходил бы в БК Макдональдс и всё

  11. Christopher Walton

    Name: Christopher
    My Order:
    Normal Hot Dog
    Chicago Bun
    Nothing But Bacon
    Large Lemon Mist
    Large Cotton Puffs

  12. Ruthless

    Currently in rank 7 and im struggling
    btw how do u get the bell thingy and the thing that makes ur sausage cool faster?

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