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How to Repair Bad Sector on Hard Drive

How to Repair Bad Sector on Hard Drive

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Is your hard drive showing signs of wear and tear? need to check for bad sectors on that hard drive to see if the bad sectors need to be fixed or repair? well you can really repair bad sectors, but what you can do is detect bad sectors, the hide them so windows does no attempt to read or write to that part of the drive that has bad sectors. Bad sectors can cause crashing, BSOD and Hard Drive Errors.

How to Deal with Bad Sectors on Hard Drive

First you will need to create a bootable flash drive with HDAT2 on it, then enable IDE in the BIOS and run scans on the hard drive for bad sectors.

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  1. Britec09


    T H A N K Y O U F O R W A T C H I N G !

    P L E A S E L I K E A N D S U B S C R I B E !


  2. Gouthaman Guna

    Will it work if my hard drive have device io error.when I try to format normally it states "the request cannot be processed due to device io error".I tried all normal format,disk Mgmt,diskpart.nothing works.will Rufus accept this?

  3. Thee Parris Hill

    why why why has technology not done away with this garbage to get us a way to save that this nonsense doesnt occur!!??
    its such horse shit and then you wind up backing up your backups just for that backup to fail its all bs.

  4. kwag

    Thanks for the video! I was looking or some tips on HDAT2 and this is exactly what I was looking for. BTW, your beautiful background picture, "Playa Ventana", is no more 🙁 We lost it with the latest earthquakes, south of Puerto Rico. 🙁


    This days HDDs is very cheap, instead of using one with Bad Sectors that is gonna cause issues in the future and for sure you gonna lose again files (may important files), just buy a new one.

  6. kara kaxim

    Hi, I would like to use your video to repair my hard drive, but by SATA Configuration, there is no IDE Mode in the SATA Mode and there's only AHCI Mode. In this case i have a Asus X540LJ laptop with Windows 10, could help me that what should i do?

  7. Memad mehmedov

    Open the hard drive cover gently. Then blow the dust carefully again. Put the lid back on. Because I have a hard drive it was 50% life but now it is 97%.

  8. Almedo Gjurgji

    Do you suggest to use only the verify option at first, or we can immediately choose verify/repair bad sectors?

  9. muhammad nurazlan saadon

    In hd tune…. hdd problem…. current pending sector is… this drive has unstable sector😭😭😭 thanks brian

  10. Arnel Cartoneros

    Hi Britec is this possible that all important data will be erase once it will run to repair the bad sector?

  11. S sam

    Which option should be selected after
    Detect and fix bad sector.
    Read write read
    Verify write
    Read write
    Can someone please help????👍

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